To make business more effective Mobile Trust Telecommunications AG (МТТ AG) and Crypto Telecommunication Security SA (CTS SA) decided to create a group of companies managed by CTS SA

To make business more effective Mobile Trust Telecommunications AG (МТТ AG) and Crypto Telecommunication Security SA (CTS SA) decided to create a group of companies managed by CTS SA. Thus the unique experience accumulated for 14 years was combined to design cryptographic equipment. The developments of the first in the world crypto smartphone by CTS SA led to the development of the Stealthphone system. CTS SA - МТТ AG group of companies is presently working in three directions:

1. It is creating the encryption device according to Voice Over GSM technology;

2. It is developing a mobile bank system using Stealthphone Hard;

3. It is designing a data safe to store confidential and high level security information on the basis of Stealthphone Hard and CTS SA cloud technologies

MTT AG company has produced a first animated movie on the information security

The wisdom of folk tales impresses me. It’s so exciting the tales become more relevant with every passing year. You get a feeling that people get a glimpse of the future and want to prevent the disasters yet to come. Just think of “The Wolf and Seven Little Goats” tale. The Wolf falsified his voice and ate the goat kids up. Nowadays, this is a way to kidnap people. I plan to produce a set of such movies on information security. A lot of people still do not realize the hazards and dangers hackers pose. Currently hackers not only steal the information but are able to purposefully falsify it. 

For instance, in Moscow criminals gained millions of USD by falsifying speech of relatives talking over mobile phones to squeeze money. Kidnapping cases using mobile phones and falsifying human speech have recently greatly increased as the technology easily enables to achieve this. Modern speech synthesizer may falsify any voice. This crime has become especially popular in Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia. 

We have created the animated movie to inform the people on the danger the hackers pose and offer them a security against fraudsters. 

The MTT Company participated at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover.

The MTT Company participated at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover. This is the guiding principle shaping Switzerland’s presence at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover. We are proud of the confident, strong stance that Swiss companies are taking at the most prominent trade fair in the digital industry. The SWISS Pavilions Research & Innovation and Business Security presented a strong selection of universities, research institutes, start-ups and innovation-driven SMEs. ICT business is already one of the most important economic sectors in its own right and generates additional value creation in all Switzerland’s other sectors.

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Article of the general director of MTT company Anatoly Klepov. Democracy and Human Genetic Memory. When Is "Information Hitler" Expected to Appear?

«People ask me to predict the future, when all I want to do isprevent it ».


Genetic memory is the ancestors’ experience passed down to ancestors in DNA. Genetic memory is enshrined in a person over the centuries and doesn’t depend on his individual experience. It was a subject of Carl Jung’s studies, and was called “collective unconscious” in psychology. According to C. Jung, a person’s experience is not erased after his death: vice versa, it’s stored in the genetic memory of the society.

The speech of MTT’s General director Anatoly Klepov’s at Business Security Forum (18 March 2015, CeBIT 2015, Hannover).

Era of mobile phones starts in 2015. This is confirmed by numbers: as of right now there are more than 6 billion cell phones and only 1,5 billion PC’s in use.

In the nearest future 80% of all Internet connections will be done with the use of mobile phones.

Mobile phones become an irreplaceable part of the modern life.

Can national security be private?

The US President has frequently stated that hackers are one of the main threats to economic and national security of the United States. “Within the country and the government we are not prepared to deal with this problem on a full scale”, - said Barack Obama.

What about other countries, if the leading country of the Western civilization, which pays great attention to the development of modern information technology, considers cyber terrorism to be the primary problem?

How mobile technologies will change the world in 2015

All the new developments that emerge in IT can be either evolutionary – ones that align with the current trends (e.g. virtualization) or visionary – the ones that challenge the way we think. When PCs became an essential part of our life, we also changed the way we see the world.