For small and medium enterprises

Solutions to secure information systems in small and medium enterprises


Software encryption

Stealthphone Soft

Stealthphone Soft is recommended for small and medium enterprises.

Stealthphone Soft encrypts voice, e-mails, SMS and files.

Symmetric and asymmetric algorithms are used to run all the encryption processes (see more in Stealthphone Soft description). Stealthphone network administrator uses Stealthphone Key to generate and distribute encryption keys. Even if the subscriber’s smartphone is lost or stolen, it will not compromise Stealthphone network.

Stealthphone Soft runs on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, WP 8.1.

Recommended phones

MTT Droid

Software for security of secret and confidential information on mobile phones and tablets on Android OS – MTT Droid.


Generation of encryption keys

Stealthphone Key Soft

Stealthphone Key Soft is recommended for small and medium enterprises.

Stealthphone Key Soft is designed to form Stealthphone network structure, as well as to generate and distribute secret keys among subscribers.

Runs on Windows XP - 8.1.


Data Hiding


FileHider is an application enabling you to hide confidential information (even encrypted) on a digital media.

The application hides the files using stenography method, i.e. randomly injecting bytes of files to be hidden into a container file. The process changes the container file insignificantly without affecting the file size and structure, therefore enabling you to use the container file as usual.

You may use audio, video, and image files as containers.

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