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Hardware encryption

Stealthphone Hard

Stealthphone Hard is recommended for major corporations and state organizations.

Stealthphone Hard is a miniature encryption device designed to encrypt voice, SMS, e-mails and files. Stealthphone Hard has an internal 32 Gb SD-card which stores encrypted information.

Stealthphone Hard is connected to smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry) via Bluetooth. Stealthphone Hard can also be connected to PC (Windows, MAC) via USB port or Bluetooth.

Stealthphone Hard runs on proprietary OS, designed by MTT, and supports TEMPEST standard.

Recommended smartphones

1.png 3D model view

Stealthphone OfficeGate

Stealthphone OfficeGate is recommended for major corporations and state organizations.

Stealthphone OfficeGate is a cryptogateway which encrypts conversations between network subscribers who use Stealthphone Hard or Stealthphone Soft and corporate network subscribers who use IP, digital or analogous phones.

Stealthphone OfficeGate allows to use two cryptogateways in order to establish a secure line between two offices.

Stealthphone OfficeGate supports IP and GSM channels.

Stealthphone Servers

Stealthphone Server platform is recommended for major corporations and state organizations.

Server platform is a basic component of Stealthphone information security system. Server platform includes:

  • SIP-server which provides encryption of voice transmitted over Internet channels (VoIP).
  • E-mail server, used for exchange of instant encrypted e-mails.
  • JABBER-server, used for exchange of instant messages and encrypted files of all types.

Stealthphone CryptoRouter

Cryptorouter MTT-GW provides security of secret and confidential information in corporations and state organizations (embassies, ministries of foreign affairs, governmental structures, police, financial area and medical institutions).

When secret and confidential information (voice, files, video, etc.) is transferred over the Internet between different offices of your corporation, it can be intercepted by malicious persons.

A super strong crypto hardware device – Cryptorouter MTT-GW combining several technologies (crypto security, firewall, etc.) is used to secure secret and confidential information.

Our company has developed Cryptorouter MTT-GW for guaranteed security of the information transferred over public communication channels (the Internet network).

Stealthphone Landline

Stealthphone Landline is recommended for major corporations and state organizations.

Stealthphone Landline ensures the security of your phone communications over existing shared phone networks within office PBX and PSTN.

Stealthphone Landline is designed for a safe encrypted communication among subscribers who use the same phone set. 

Stealthphone Key Hard

Stealthphone Key Hard is recommended for large corporations and state organizations.

Stealthphone Key Hard is a hardware random number generator that is used as a part of a hardware-software complex Stealthphone Key. This device is designed for hardware generation of random and equiprobable sequence. Basing on this sequence Stealthphone Key Hard forms a full array of encryption keys for Stealthphone network subscribers.

Stealthphone Key Hard is designed to comply with the TEMPEST standard.


Additional features of Stealthphone Hard

Stealthphone CryptoDisk

Stealthphone CryptoDisk is an additional option of Stealthphone Hard, hardware and software solution which provides data encryption on a hard disk in computer using Stealthphone Hard connected via USB.

Stealthphone Crypto E-mail

Stealthphone Crypto E-mail is a hardware-software solution designed to operate with secure E-mail on a PC through MS Outlook by means of the special plug-in functionality.

Stealthphone CryptoFile

The software (which is a part of software-hardware encryption complex Stealthphone Hard) allows you to send encrypted text and files via any common communication software - Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ or via e-mail. Only the intended recipient (Stealthphone network subscriber) will be able to decrypt your message.

To encrypt text and files you need to connect hardware encryption device Stealthphone Hard to your PC via USB. You also need to install CryptoFile on your PC. 

Software encryption

MTT Droid

Software for security of secret and confidential information on mobile phones and tablets on Android OS – MTT Droid.


Data Hiding


FileHider is an application enabling you to hide confidential information (even encrypted) on a digital media.

The application hides the files using stenography method, i.e. randomly injecting bytes of files to be hidden into a container file. The process changes the container file insignificantly without affecting the file size and structure, therefore enabling you to use the container file as usual.

You may use audio, video, and image files as containers.

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