Mobile Trust Telecommunications

Main components of the Stealthphone information security system


Crypto Voice over GSM

Encryption of voice transmitted via GSM network of a mobile operator


Crypto Voice over Skype and Viber

Encryption of voice transmitted via the Internet



Separation of personal and corporate data in a mobile device


Encryption keys

Hardware-software or a software device for generation and distribution of encryption keys by the users


Stealthphone Crypto E-mail

Exchange of encrypted e-mails with the use of a mobile phone and/or a computer


Stealthphone CryptoDisk

Encryption of data on a PC hard drive or external media


Cryptochat and Cryptoconference

Exchange of encrypted text messages and files (photos, documents, etc.) among subscribers with the use of a mobile phone


Stealthphone OfficeGate

Encryption of subscribers’ phone network users during their communication with Stealthphone network users



FileHider is a software enabling you to hide confidential information (even encrypted)
on a digital media.


Stealthphone CryptoFile

The software allows you to send encrypted text and files via any common communication software - Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ or via e-mail



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