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Stealthphone Servers

Stealthphone Servers

Stealthphone Servers

Stealthphone Server platform is recommended for major corporations and state organizations.

Server platform is a basic component of Stealthphone information security system. Server platform includes:

  • SIP-server which provides encryption of voice transmitted over Internet channels (VoIP).
  • E-mail server, used for exchange of instant encrypted e-mails.
  • JABBER-server, used for exchange of instant messages and encrypted files of all types.

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Cryptonetwork subscribers can use three communication channels to exchange encrypted data

  • Voice communication is provided by SIP-server, which is a core element of the automatic telephone system (APS). SIP-server forms all the mobile calls within the network. SIP-server is a proxy server, which registers the mobile devices. VoIP technology enables voice communication. RTP protocol is used to connect the clients and allow them to exchange data. UDP protocol is used to connect SIP network elements on a transport layer. The module architecture of SIP server increases the stability and performance of the core. You can download additional modules (managed by server configuration settings) to expand SIP-server functionality.

  • Exchange of e-mails is provided by Postfix e-mail server, distributed as free software. Postfix server has sophisticated module architecture, which is essential for reliable and fast e-mail system. Postfix architecture is UNIX-based – simple programs (so-called daemons) are efficient, though limited in functionality. If the e-mail system is idle, you can disable the daemons and free memory. They can be enabled again by master-daemon.

  • Exchange of instant messages and files is provided by an proprietary JABBER-server, created by MTT company on the basis of XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) protocol. XMPP protocol is designed for instant exchange of messages and presence information in near real-time mode. XMPP functionality can be expanded – JABBER server allows the administrator to distribute resources, to exchange files, to administer network, to monitor remote systems, to enable multiuser communication and run utilities for cooperative work.

Specific features

Server platform allows storing and exchanging all messages and files in encrypted form. All data and voice are encrypted on subscriber end, thus all information is encrypted prior to transmission. Neither administrators nor maintenance personnel can access traffic. In an unlikely event when hackers do manage to break into the server the encryption will render all the data completely unusable for them.

IP channels are cost effective when it comes to internal communication.

Other features

  • Easy to log in SIP, Mail- and Jabber servers.

  • Easy and convenient configuration and maintenance of the servers.

  • Logging and full and safe access to statistic data for the clients.

  • Full and prompt technical support for the clients regarding issues with configuration of mobile and computer applications and connection to server platform. All platform operation parameters automatically configure the server-client interactions.

  • Clients can purchase, install and maintain their own SIP-, Mail- and Jabber-servers on their platforms. We provide full technical support for them as well.


  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2600 Quad core incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Memory: 16 Gb DDR3
  • Hard drive: 4х4 Tb SATA 3 Gb/sec certified (Software-RAID; Level optional)
  • Network adapter: 1 Gb/sec
  • External channel: 1 Gb/sec

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