Stealthphone OfficeGate

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Stealthphone OfficeGate

Stealthphone OfficeGate

Stealthphone OfficeGate

Stealthphone OfficeGate is recommended for major corporations and state organizations.

Stealthphone OfficeGate is a cryptogateway which encrypts conversations between network subscribers who use Stealthphone Hard or Stealthphone Soft and corporate network subscribers who use IP, digital or analogous phones.

Stealthphone OfficeGate allows to use two cryptogateways in order to establish a secure line between two offices.

Stealthphone OfficeGate supports IP and GSM channels.


Stealthphone OfficeGate is a hardware-software solution, which provides secure access to the corporate network for the subscribers of Stealthphone crypto network.

Encryption functions are hardware implemented in the hardware encryption device Stealthphone Hard, connected to the OfficeGate server. Thus OfficeGate has excellent cryptographic characteristics. 


Stealthphone Office Gate functions:

OfficeGate solution is designed to establish secure line between the Stealthphone network and a corporate network.

A secure communication line between company premises can be organized if several OfficeGate servers are installed within one Stealthphone network.

In order to operate OfficeGate the Stealthphone Hard device should be connected via USB to the server with installed Stealthphone OfficeGate software. All encryption operations are performed in the Stealthphone Hard.

The OfficeGate server can provide protection of 1 and up to 60 simultaneous phone conversations. It depends on the configuration of the equipment (the processor performance, the network capacity, the number of connected telephone lines).

The following operations are available with the OfficeGate system:

  • Reception of encrypted incoming calls from Stealthphone network subscribers, decryption of calls and transmission to the corporate network in the unencrypted form 

  • Outgoing encrypted calls from any office phone in the corporate network to mobile phones of Stealthphone network subscribers 

  • Encrypted calls between two company offices (several OfficeGate systems are required)

Stealthphone OfficeGate is compatible with all corporate solutions: Stealthphone Soft, Stealthphone Hard, Stealthphone SIP-server, Stealthphone License Server and Stealthphone Key.

Cryptographic characteristics

  • Strong symmetric encryption algorithm with 256 bit key length (proprietary manufacturer’s design)

  • Combined method of session key computation. The method is based on Diffie-Hellman elliptic curve algorithm and a full key matrix

  • One-time session keys are deleted after the conversation is over

  • Authentication of subscribers before starting a secure phone call, protection against Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks

  • HMAC-SHA-256 standard algorithm is used to authenticate the encrypted data 

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