Stealthphone Key Hard

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Hardware for generate encryption keys

Stealthphone Key Hard

Stealthphone Key Hard

Stealthphone Key Hard is recommended for large corporations and state organizations.

Stealthphone Key Hard is a hardware random number generator that is used as a part of a hardware-software complex Stealthphone Key. This device is designed for hardware generation of random and equiprobable sequence. Basing on this sequence Stealthphone Key Hard forms a full array of encryption keys for Stealthphone network subscribers.

Stealthphone Key Hard is designed to comply with the TEMPEST standard.


Key generator is a hardware-software device designed to generate digital electronic keys with good statistical properties. 

Diagnostic analysis and operational control ensure the key reliability in the technological process chain of their creation. These procedures include such tests as the computation ones and zeros ratio in the generated key, the number of alternating signs, the maximum length of the run of zeros and ones and the key correspondence to the "empty" box criterion. Chi-squared distribution is computed in the process of verification. The key is considered to have passed the test if all these parameters match the preset standards. 

The device is used together with a special software “Stealthpone Key”, operating on a personal computer (PC) protected against unauthorized access. 

The key generation device is connected to the PC via a USB interface and is powered from it. Data exchange between the “Stealthpone Key” software and the device is executed by a special protocol, using data packages.

Key generator functionality:

  • Generation of encryption keys of any specified length;

  • Key generation speed is up to 250 Kbit/s, which provides the possibility to generate a full key matrix with key length of 256 bits for 1,000 users in 8 minutes;

  • A key is generated, simultaneously using two independent physical random number generators, one of which is designed on a noise diode, and the other - on a specialized chip;

  • The generated digital key is sent to the PC after testing for the compliance to quality characteristics; built-in operational control procedure prevents the use of a poor quality key;

  • The statistical parameters of the physical random number sensors are automatically checked each time the key generator is started and on a special request, using a built-in diagnostic test procedure to avoid using a damaged generator (for example, in case non-critical electronic components fail);

  • Generated keys may be stored in TouchMemory external memory without the use of a PC;

  • The key generator is housed in a metal milled casing with two compartments, which prevents interception of sensitive cryptographic key information via electromagnetic radiation; the attackers use state-of-the-art measurement equipment for these purposes

  • Laboratory studies have shown that the key generator meets the TEMPEST standard.

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