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MTT Droid

MTT Droid

MTT Droid

Software for security of secret and confidential information on mobile phones and tablets on Android OS – MTT Droid.

Software for security of secret and confidential information on mobile phones and tablets on Android OS – MTT Droid.

Recently, there has been a paradigm shift with organizations starting to deploy new mobile technologies to make their business processes more efficient. Such technologies have increased productivity by providing an unprecedented level of connectivity between employees, suppliers and customers; real-time data sharing; unrestricted user mobility and increased functionality. These mobile technologies include mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) and related mobile applications that provide task-specific capabilities needed by users to perform their duties within the organization (e.g., sales, distribution). Despite all the benefits, the use of mobile applications can potentially lead to serious security risks. Like all traditional enterprise applications, mobile apps may contain software vulnerabilities, susceptible to an attack. Such vulnerabilities may be exploited by an attacker to steal data or control a user's device. It is extremely dangerous for state (army, police, ministries of external affair and so on) and corporate (banks, financial, medical, legal) organizations.

That is why besides existing in Android OS information security systems it is necessary to use additional systems (software) for security of secret and confidential information. These functions are performed by MTT Droid.

MTT Droid has the following features:

  1. MTT TrustBoot.

    Before the main operating system starts loading, it is checked by the TrustBoot loader module that controls integrity of the operating system kernel, most critical modules of the Android OS as well as information security means.

  2. MTT CryptFS.

    MTT CryptFS is an Android OS kernel module allowing to encrypt all the flash memory of a mobile device, which stores both the Android OS and user data. MTT CryptFS guarantees that if a device is stolen or lost, confidential information will not be accessible by a third party.

  3. MTT VPN Crypto Gate.

    MTT VPN cryptographic traffic security is used to encrypt data transferred by mobile devices via open networks. Access to corporate resources is provided by MTT VPN(a virtual private network), providing a secure access to corporate data, while guaranteeing invisibility of all network connections.

  4. Two-factor authentication MTT Token.

    Two-factor authentication system reinforces regular Android OS user verification system, which uses only an access password.

    In order to establish a Two-factor authentication, you will need an MTT Token, based on a smart card with an NFC chip containing the user's authentication data. Even with a password on his hands, a criminal will not be able to access the system without the MTT Token.

  5. MTT CryptoBox

    Security of user data in Android OS is provided by MTT CryptoBox, an encrypted container, allowing you to store any files in a secure vault. Access to the vault is provided only with a key password, which guarantees integrity and confidentiality of data.

  6. Switching profiles (Black & White Profile) for securing the BYOD functionality.

    Two independent user profiles are created on a mobile device to work with data of various levels. One user profile is used to work with corporate data (confidential or secret) and the other one is used to work with open data and regular Internet browsing. Profiles are isolated from each other, which makes confidential data leaks impossible. 

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