MTT press-release for participation in the international exhibition IFSEC 2014 in India, New Delhi on 11-13 December

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MTT press-release for participation in the international exhibition IFSEC 2014 in India, New Delhi on 11-13 December

Mobile Trust Telecommunications (Switzerland) has developed the first ever hardware information security system Stealthphone for mobile phones and computers for individual users, small and medium enterprises, major corporations and state organizations.

«Stealthphone» is an encryption system, which guarantees that your private information that you receive, send or store on smartphones, mobile and satellite phones, tablets and computers, will be reliably secured. «Stealthphone» works for all kinds of email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), IP-telephone and messaging apps (Viber, Skype, etc.). The encryption system is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporations, state organizations, and individuals.

These days people use various electronic devices to transmit and store information. Although there are numerous means of information protection for different operating systems, users still face one major problem. In 90 percent of all security breaches information was protected by software means and could be easily hacked. But is it possible to prevent information theft?

«Stealthphone Hard», a hardware encryption portable device and a core element of the «Stealthphone» system, was developed exactly for this purpose. «Stealthphone Hard», paired with any device (a smartphone, a mobile or satellite phone, a tablet or computer), provides protection of the transmitted and stored data.

«Stealthphone» is the first information security system in the world, which guarantees security of voice and data and:

  • has its own built-in «Stealthphone» IP system that allows to transmit encrypted voice, data, emails and is compatible with all mobile operating systems (IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry),

  • provides voice encryption for existing IP-telephone apps (Skype, Viber, etc.),

  • provides voice encryption for most of the radio and telephone channels (Voice over GSM, analogue and satellite phones, radio stations),

  •  can be used to secure information while using email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.),

  • can be used to protect information stored both on PCs’ hardware drives and external devices (USB flash drives, SD-cards, etc.).

The main features of «Stealthphone» information security system are following:

users can generate encryption keys themselves, using a special hardware device «Stealthphone Key Hard»,

«Stealthphone Hard», a hardware encryption portable device designed in accordance with the TEMPEST standard, is the core element of the system, a unique innovative cryptographic solution, Voice Encryption over GSM, provides strong encryption of information sent over the conventional GSM voice channel; it is essential because traditional channels used for voice encryption – IP and CSD – are either blocked or unavailable in many countries and regions of the world, but Voice over GSM encryption works everywhere where GSM network is available,

«OfficeGate» solution, which is a part of the «Stealthphone» system, allows to make secured voice calls between a «Stealthphone» subscriber and employees in an office, where «OfficeGate» is installed. At that, the subscriber can be using either the built-in IP-system or a GSM network. Similarly, voice calls between offices will be encrypted.

«Stealthphone» information security system represents the best achievements in the field of information security and comprises know-how in the field of cryptography and telecommunications», - says Anatoly Klepov, CEO of MTT and one of the world's leading information security experts. «Protection of information against hackers and cyber-terrorists is the cornerstone to preserve traditional political, financial, economic, religious, cultural and family values of the modern civilization.

We are all well aware that it’s impossible to build a reliable system aimed at defending the state-sensitive information if private information of each citizen is not secured by strong electronic protection means. No matter what you do and how hard you try, it is impossible to make a strong chain using weak links.

Hackers gain fantastic profits, which surpass not only multi-billion-dollar revenues of drug dealers, but also budgets of entire states. This is why the reliable protection of private information of each person is the only way to prevent hackers’ expansion.

The new product ensures reliable protection against cyber attacks of any level, and will contribute to strengthening information security all around the world.»

A large international team of 850 specialists has been developing this new information security system for four and a half years and has created «Stealthphone», a truly unique information security system designed for you to guarantee that your information is safe.

Mobile Trust Telecommunications (MTT) - is a leading manufacturer of various electronic cryptographic devices and software products for data security.

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