Modern devices enable to identify any encrypted information on data media. For instance, this information may attract special services interest at the border. Furthermore, media and computer may be even confiscated for further analysis. Therefore, we have developed a FileHider – an application that ensures the secure transportation of such information in any format (encrypted text, image, video, financial and technical documents, etc.).

The application hides the files using stenography method, i.e. randomly injecting bytes of the file to be hidden into the container file. The process changes the container file insignificantly without affecting the file size and structure, therefore enabling you to use the container file as usual.

You may use audio, video, and image files as containers.

Currently the application supports WAV and FLAC audio files as containers.


  • Hides confidential information files inside other files (container files).
  • Extracts confidential information files from container files without any distortion.

The application does not require installation and may be launched from any media. Moreover, the application may be masked as or imitate a game or any other open-source application according to any Customer’s needs. Data hiding process is launched by a keyboard shortcut combination only.

The application insures strong protection from scanning software used by special services.