Stealthphone Crypto OfficeGate

Crypto Office Gate is a solution for corporate clients, allowing the information security system subscribers to safely access the office phone network.

Crypto OfficeGate utilizes with both Crypto voice over GSM and Crypto voice over IP technologies.  


Hardware encryption device Stealthphone Touch secures the calls.

Office Gate is one of the elements of Stealthphone information security system. You can install several Office Gate systems (e.g. in different subsidiaries) within one Stealthphone network. This allows the users from different offices to call each other not only from the office to a Stealthphone device but also for one office to another

OfficeGate secures the following functions:

  • Voice encryption of calls during incoming calls from any phone within the office’s automatic telephone station to Stealthphone network subscribers

  • Voice encryption during incoming calls from Stealthphone phone network subscribers and transfer of voice in an decrypted form into the office’s PBX

  • Encryption of speech during calls between the company’s offices, equipped with the OfficeGate encryption complex, within one Stealthphone network.

Depending on equipment configuration (processor performance, network channel capacity, number of connections) Office Gate can maintain up to 60 secure connections simultaneously.

Cryptographic characteristics

  • Strong symmetric encryption algorithm with 256 bit key length

  • One-time session keys are deleted after the conversation is over

  • Combined method of session key computation. The method is based on Diffie-Hellman elliptic curve algorithm and a full key matrix

Data security

Office Gate employs both software and hardware encryption: hardware encryption device Stealthphone Touch is connected to PC with a crypto OfficeGate server, generates a session key, then software encrypts files with this key. The device transfers only a session key to PC, and the main key is kept in secret by the hardware encryption device.

Equipment requirements

Office Gate runs on PC-compatible equipment operating on Linux.

Connection to office PBX is maintained via VoIP (or Ethernet) channel or via digital or similar phone lines (special boards are required).

Minimum computer requirements:

Processor: 1 Ghz
Memory: 512 Mb
Hard drive: 32 Gb
Network adapter: 10 Mbit/sec
External channel: 20 Kb/sec

How it works

Stealthphone network subscriber makes an encrypted call to the office phone, connected to corporate PBX via office Gate server.

Subscriber’s encrypted voice is transmitted to Office Gate server, which then decrypts it and redirects the call to office PBX in clear.

When the call is m ade from the office, the process is reversed.