Cryptochat and Cryptoconference

Stealthphone information security system allows users to send messages, photos, videos, documents and other kinds of files with the use of a built in messenger.

There are 2 modes for exchange of messages and files among subscribers:

      • cryptochat – between 2 subscribers

      • cryptoconference – among 3 or more subscribers

Cryptochat and Cryptoconference allow the users to exchange files and text messages in real time and in offline mode. We guarantee that only you and the intended user will be able to read your message or open your file. While sending a file or a message, you can be sure that it will be seen only by its addressee.

In order to insure guaranteed transfer of your messages and files Mobile Trust Telecommunications uses cloud technologies: messages and files are transmitted through the secure Cryptochat server in an encrypted mode and are guaranteed to be removed from the service right after the successful delivery. Administrators of the server can not know the content of messages as only subscribers have the encryption keys.

Cryptochat and Cryptoconference provide complete security and confidentiality of your messaging. Encryption involves super strong encryption algorithms. All messages and files are encrypted before being sent and are transmitted in an encrypted form.

Encryption keys are stored only in users’ devices, so only the sender and the intended recipient are able to read the message.