Stealthphone Key Soft

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Software for generate encryption keys

Stealthphone Key Soft

Stealthphone Key Soft

Stealthphone Key Soft is recommended for small and medium enterprises.

Stealthphone Key Soft is designed to form Stealthphone network structure, as well as to generate and distribute secret keys among subscribers.

Runs on Windows XP - 8.1.


Stealthphone Key software complex is designed to develop, further update the StealthPhone network, generate encryption keys and distribute them among the subscribers.

The Stealthphone Key complex is managed by the trusted Stealthphone network administrator.

Prior to receiving and using their customer devices (Stealthphone Hard or Stealthphone Soft), the keys and information about the network structure should be downloaded in them. The network information contains data on the Stealthphone network subscribers and their distribution into groups, where they can exchange private information.


Stealthphone Key generates information on the network structure and its updates. Then it is transmitted to the activation server and automatically downloaded into subscriber devices.

There are two ways to download private keys into subscriber devices:

  • The network administrator can download them directly from StealthKey software
  • A network subscriber can download them from any PC, using the file, encrypted in Stealthphone Key, which contains subscriber keys

Despite the way chosen to download private keys, the subscriber device is connected to a PC via USB.

The network subscriber receives the ready-to-run device and shouldn’t bother about updating the contact list or encryption keys.

All key information is downloaded into the device only once. All network updates - due to loss or compromise of devices, deleting or adding new subscribers, changing the group membership or keys - are automatically downloaded in the background mode from the activation server into the device. Minimum user assistance is required.

Stealthphone Key complex is available in two versions: hardware and software.

All functions of the complex in the software solution, including key generation, are performed by the software. The company’s proprietary technologies in the field of random number generation on various platforms provide the highest key quality – even in the software solution.

The basic random number array for the keys is generated in the hardware – software solution by the Stealthphone Key Hard hardware generator, connected to a PC via USB. The use of the hardware random number generator guarantees the highest quality of the generated keys.

  • Easy to use
  • The built-in system controls the key quality
  • The whole array of keys is stored in encrypted form
  • Contact information is automatically updated in the subscriber devices of the network
  • The complex is compatible with Windows OS
  • The hardware generator guarantees the highest quality of keys.

Stealthphone Key functions

  • Development and maintenance of the Stealthphone corporate network subscriber database

    Development of the subscriber database, adding, editing and removing subscribers from the database.

  • Assignment subscribers to groups

    According to the StealthPhone network information security policy, the subscribers are assigned to groups and can exchange confidential data only within the groups they have been assigned to.

  • Encryption key generation

    The generation of individual encryption keys and a full symmetric key matrix of subscribers’ pair connection according to the principle “any-to-any”

  • Generation of key files for each subscriber and downloading them to subscriber devices (Stealthphone Hard and Stealthphone Soft)

    Key files are generated on the basis of individual keys and a line from the full key matrix. The generated key file is either downloaded directly to the subscriber device or is exported in the encrypted form for further downloading by the subscriber.

  • Generation and export of subscriber reference file to the activation server

    The actual reference book of the StealthPhone network subscribers is created. It contains information on the conformity of the crypto number and the subscriber’s identification data, as well as the information on the possibility for each pair of subscribers to execute secure data exchange.

Hardware requirements (compatibility)

StealthKey is operated on PC compatible equipment run under Windows OS:  

  • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) 
  • Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)

.NetFramework 4.5 is required

Requirements to PC:



  • Processor 

1 GHz or higher supported by PAE, NX and SSE2  

 Intel i7 processor or higher 

  • RAM: 

1 GB for 32-bit system

2 GB for 64-bit system 

4 GB 

  • HDD: 

32 GB 


  • Graphics board:
Microsoft DirectX 9 with WDDM driver

 Requirements to the protection against Non-Authorized Access :

The workplace of the Stealthphone network administrator should have certified software/hardware-software protection against unauthorized access to provide reliable authentication of the administrator and full protection of sensitive data stored in his PC.

Additional recommendations:

  • Use the protection tools against non-authorized access in your PC, built in the OS, to the fullest extent
  • Organizational and administrative measures should be taken to control the physical access to the administrator’s workplace
  • The administrator’s workplace should be organized on an isolated PC, which is not connected to any network

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